Reinventing Heritage I


This video shows a glimpse of two traditional forms of weaving still practiced by bedouins in rural areas of the GCC: Khoos (Palm-weaving) and Sadu (Spinning and weaving of wool from goats and sheep). Before embarking on the Reinventing Heritage project, Banafsajeel collaborators got to know the artisans in the traditional souk better. IDEO’s Human-Centered-Design approach was used, so that a brainstorming session held later in the process would produce ideas that actually suit the artisans’ needs.

The Human-Centered-Design (HCD) process focuses on three stages: Hear, Create, then Deliver.

1. Hear: This first stage involved observation and numerous interviews with artisans selling handmade products in the traditional souk of Al-Dhafra festival over the course of a week.

2. Create:  We wrapped up our week in Al Dhafra with a great brainstorming session based on the most important opportunity statements identified. Tons of quick ideas were generated with the benefit of the artisans in mind. A report was written, and follow-up is our goal in 2015.

3. Deliver: Coming soon in 2016!

Do you have input on our process, or feel you can add value to this project? Please get in touch!

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