Reinventing Heritage

A Collaborative Design Project from the Desert

Reinventing Heritage digs into our roots in the Arabian Peninsula to produce something cutting edge. We are setting up collaborations between designers and artisans in the GCC and the end goal is an exhibition in early 2016. In its first phase, the project kicked off with Banafsajeel collaborators travelling in late 2014 to Al-Dhafra festival in the Western region of the UAE, close to the Saudi Arabian border and Rub' Al Khali or Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world. Al-Dhafra festival is a celebration of all things bedouin that takes place in the last ten days of each year. In its eighth edition, it had grown to include various exciting activities and competitions including a camel beauty contest, Saluki races and a traditional souk selling locally made handicrafts. A week of initial research focused specifically on the artisans in the souk and gave Banafsajeel's project an unexpected spin.

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