Contemporary Artist Ghada Da

Experimenting with Indigo dye


Conceptual artist Ghada Da initiated a layered experimental work during the Reinventing Heritage project. The first step was to learn the ancient Indigo dyeing technique, a natural process used by our ancestors to colour fabrics before synthetic dyes became available in the Arabian Peninsula. Ghada worked with AbouBakr Fofana, an international artist and Master Indigo dyer, to learn the complex process of the natural Indigo dye, which has spiritual and health benefits and requires multiple days of preparation. She then dyed her own fabrics and used them in a video performance, which was filmed at sunrise on the edges of the Empty Quarter desert.

Ghada Da’s video installation will be featured in her first solo show in the region, taking place during Art Week Dubai in Satellite, Al-Serkal Avenue. This site-specific work explores a moment of purity and reflects her ‘Indigo cleanse rebirth’.